General Health insurance

General Health Insurance

Many of us feel that having health insurance in this day and age with the modern NHS within the United Kingdom is unnecessary, however, health insurance can be a great thing to have if you are needing an operation fast, or are on the waiting list for a non-urgent MRI or CT Scan which you deem necessary.  Health insurance usually covers the cost of these procedures, and should you need such a procedure as an MRI scan then the scan alone could cost you in excess of £500.00 just for one area of scanning.  Some countries however rely on private health insurance, America is a prime example of this and without health insurance you cannot expect to get very far, even when it comes to the most critical of procedures.  Before choosing any health insurance make sure that you have done your homework and checked out the amount of private hospitals which are covered under each policy.  Especially if you have a private hospital in mind which you are wanting to use, some of these hospitals are usable under certain policies but not others.
Simply Health Health Insurance

Simply Health offers great benefits to their private clients, which include affordable cover from £9.75 a month, which is the equivalent of paying 32 pence per day.  If you have any dependents up to four children under the age of 18 who are living at home are covered for free.  Simply Health also covers complementary therapy, which includes visits for physiotherapy and osteopathy to name but two.  Get a Quote.

Peoples concern nowadays is not so much the fact that you expect a wait on the NHS, but the reported super bugs within the NHS, and although the government have made a good job of lowering the waiting lists for vital operations and procedures, the fear is that super bugs are still present within the hospitals.  Private healthcare does not just offer the patient a fast appointment but also peace of mind.  With the private hospital sector being solely responsible for the cleanliness of their hospitals and any mistakes that should occur it is no wonder that people do choose to go private.

Aviva Health Insurance

Aviva have been around for a long time now, originally known as the Norwich Union, they have now successfully changed their name and customers now recognise them at Aviva, however, if you were to type in Norwich Union to a search engine then you would simply be redirected to Aviva, so their old name still gets used sometimes.

Gocompare Health Insurance

There are many companies online at present who claim to offer what appears to be good deals on health insurance, so knowing which company to go through can prove a challenge.  If you haven’t got much in the way of time then a good place to start looking for health insurance is via a comparison website.

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